Golden ratio and dance

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As a mathematical and natural phenomenon, the Golden Ratio has to do with the Fibonacci sequence, the Stradivarius violin, the sunflower. The golden ratio was used by Mozart and Le Corbusier in the field of visual arts, architecture and music, but is rarely used in the field of dance, states Ethan Barbee (1) in his work.

This led me to study the connection between the golden ratio and dance a bit deeper.

So in another article published in The Guardian in 2009 I found this (2):

“So when you impose rigorous order on musical rhythm, you are organising human motion. You create a dialogue between the physical and the ideal: embodied human action in a structured environment. The process gives us something to strive for, to work through, to achieve with virtuosity and grace. This is the case with music, sport, dance, ritual, games, art. The dialectic between soul and science, freedom and discipline, self and non-self – dare I say it? That’s culture in a nutshell.”

This is very nicely said! You can read more in this fantastic article.

And I see a golden ratio in many places in the dance; in you as a dancer, in the correct posture, in the number and “arrangement” of steps, in the dimensions, in the rhythm, in harmony with the environment,

So, dance!

Because when we dance we feel better because we belong to the world and the universe…


1) „Use of the Golden Ratio as Choreographic Inspiration, University of South Florida“, Ethan Barbee (

2) „Strength in numbers: How Fibonacci taught us how to swing“, Vijay Iyer (

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