34 years

“Classes with Susanna are a real refreshment in a sea of monotonous workouts in gyms and fitness centers. Good music, an activity to enjoy and great energy during and after training. Dance trainings also amuse me a lot!”

60 years

“Good rhythms and melodies are the things that bring me joy. Thank you Suzana for being with you and with all the members of the group, I finally managed to shape the movements and coordinate them with others. Thanks to your professional attitude, each of us becomes an important member of the group, and at the same time enjoys every move. Such a relaxing atmosphere is a real place of serenity from the city noise.”

33 years

“I have been following Suzana and her work for years. It was not difficult for me to come to training after 8-9 hours of work. She powered us all with energy!
Her love and passion for dance are simply motivating, which is one of the reasons why we all love her.
I am very happy because she restarted her program, because she deserves the best, because that is what she provides!”

Peđa Jovanović
48 years

About dance: “Dance brought me the experience of music in a different way. Connecting with your body. Perhaps this is the most important thing from the aspect of personal development. Most people are completely disconnected from the body. It seems to me that dancing was an important step in the direction of personal development”.

69 years

“The meeting with Suzana happened by accident. After a short conversation, I asked her to make a dance program in accordance with my age, so that I could try something that I was said I am anti-talented.

And now, a miracle is happening!!! At the first bars, which I perform uncertainly and under the porch, Suzana is the first in my life to notice that I have a rhythm in me and that I will be able to play on the podium with my head held high. With a lot of tact, simple showing, great patience, she manages to completely relax me in the second class. In addition to learning to dance properly and get rid of discomfort (when I am in the company, I literally worry if some gentleman will choose me to dance), I also realized that dancing is a perfect physical activity that contributes to health and is a real anti-stress therapy. Many thanks to Suzana who is a perfect professional and a person who knows how to understand others!”

35 years

“With Suzana’s program, I discovered all the benefits of dancing and playing. I liberated my spirit, in addition to strengthening my body, and that balance between spirit and body is necessary for good functioning in modern life. The trainings relaxed me a lot, filled me with new energy and the knowledge that I was doing something good for myself. Professionalism with a lot of positive energy that is transmitted to the participants and brings out the best in each of us, is the right approach of a good trainer.”

35 years

“For me, dancing represents “those 5 minutes of mine”, during which I am I. I am neither a wife, nor a mother of two boys, nor a busy woman, nor a housewife. Music and body movement along with it, are my source of energy of why I feel good in my own skin. In addition to all the commitments, with good organization, I found time for those 5 minutes of mine.”