imam lepe vesi

Dance as a life calling

A step closer to yourself – the motto of Suzana Vujović who wants to share her love and dance skills with others and encourage them to get to know themselves through dance. Dancing is not just fun, but a way of communicating and expressing emotions. There are people who dance for their soul, there are also those who make others happy with their movement, and Suzana Vujović , our interlocutor, wants to empower others through dance to take more care of themselves…

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For Suzana Vujović from Belgrade, dancing is a release of creativity and joy. She has been actively dancing for the last fifteen years, and for her, in addition to love, dancing has become a profession over time. With the experience of someone who came to her dreams, fulfillment, happiness and good physical condition while dancing, Suzana works as a dance coach today. She started a unique game workshop, called “Dance and the City”. Her workouts are a combination of music, cheerful rhythms, dance steps and fitness training. Designed to strengthen femininity, strengthen fitness and reduce stress, these workshops will be available online from September…

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