Dance and movement therapy is one of the positive methods in alleviating various psychological symptoms through the connection of mind and body. It has a positive effect in the development of good mood, physical experience and reduction of psychophysical tension. Through movement, verbal and non-verbal expression, posture, we start the process of creativity that is in us and tends to be expressed.

Working in a group is a support for working on yourself. It is a certain opportunity to learn something new about ourselves, our desires and limitations, and to make progress. For those who want to get to know themselves better, learn something new and make quality changes in their lives, one such group provides an individual with a place of security, confidentiality and support that is not found in the outside world. Group work is encouraging, so that we can more easily express our desires, fears, and try out some new experiences. Such meetings on the “topic” create an atmosphere of mutual acceptance and support, where we come out of our shell and follow our inner impulses.

Without change there is no movement, without movement there is no life!