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We have written before here on our blog about the connection between logotherapy and music and logotherapy and movement.

Logotherapy is the third Viennese school of psychotherapy created by Dr. Viktor Frankl.

University professor, Dr. Viktor Emil Frankl neurologist, psychiatrist, founder of logotherapy and existential analysis, was born on March 26, 1905 in Vienna, and died on September 2, 1997 in Vienna.

In professional circles, Logotherapy and Existential Analysis is known as the Third Vienna School of Psychotherapy. The First School is the Psychoanalysis of Sigmund Freud, and the Second is the School of Individual Psychology by Alfred Adler.

Viktor Frankl’s life and work were basically marked by personal experience of suffering, surviving the horrors of the Second World War in four Nazi concentration camps. After the release, he weighed only 38 kilograms. He lost his first wife (and child), brother, parents and most of his friends in the Nazi regime. After returning to Vienna, he found himself in complete nothingness. However, instead of despair, the will to live awoke in him, the irresistible need to turn the suffering he experienced into an experience of meaning. The painful experience was a turning point in the life of a young and promising doctor and confirmed to him, once and for all, that the basic driver of human life is his search for meaning. Frankl built logotherapy on the depths of his knowledge, which were not only theoretical, but the result of his life experiences: to find the path to light, to meaning through hell. (translated and adapted from the site:

Frankl is the author of numerous notable professional books. He has written 32 books, and his works have been translated into 32 languages and sold in millions of copies. Only one of his books “Man’s Search for Meaning” has been sold in more than ten million copies.

Viktor Frankl’s dance is choreographed by Falkner Discher, who was delighted with Frankl’s book “Man’s Search for Meaning” “. You can watch the dance here. Falkner is a professional Independent Contributing Artist for Ballet Embodied and the Instructor for The Dance Conservatory at St. Paul’s School and Underground Dance Academy.



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LogoCoaching – coaching by applying the basic principles of logotherapy.

Logotherapy is the third Viennese school of psychotherapy (after Freud’s psychoanalysis and Adler’s individual psychology).

It provides answers to questions about the meaning of existence, the meaning of suffering, the meaning of our whole experience and creation.

As a psychotherapeutic direction, he brings into psychotherapy the knowledge that in addition to the physical and mental dimension, a person also possesses a third, spiritual dimension.

In logotherapy, the focus is on the patient’s future, on the tasks and meaning that the patient has yet to fulfill in his future.

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