Dear friends, welcome to the workshop “Dance and City”. A place where music, art, emotions, positive energy and an unforgettable atmosphere live. A place where you will learn to develop your inner potentials and remove mental and physical blockages. You will learn new skills, strengthen your will and change your habits. You will improve cognitive functions: attention, thinking, memory, learning… By raising energy levels, you will also improve business performance.

This is a place where you will awaken the child in you with the play. And only children can truly enjoy the game. No fears, prejudices, shame…

Dancing is an investment in the future, because learning dance movements transforms the body in a natural way, increases flexibility and vitality…

By participating in the “Dance and City” workshop, you will be part of a community that shares the same values ​​and understands the importance of sportsmanship.

In the workshop, we designed several types of training:

Individual trainings – all the time we are dedicated only to you. This type of training is especially suitable for beginners, those who have not danced so far or those who want the maximum benefit of training.

Small groups – quality work with a group that is at the same level.

Corporate groups – exercising with colleagues strengthens team spirit.

Therapeutic workshops – special terms for all those who want to free themselves in a dance workshop, get rid of all kind of restraints and fill with positive energy.

The first training – on our first date, we will analyze your current health and fitness, your needs, desires and goals, we will design the pace of work and action plan.


Dance and City” was created as an idea for each individual to contribute to their everyday life, finding “time for themselves”.

In addition to following the topics that will be covered on our blog page, you are able to share with us your experiences as well as what you would like to try in our interaction.

Dancing will help you get free, forget about time and experience many changes.

I will share my “time for myself” with you, because through the process of learning from others, I am learning and “growing” myself.

Your Suzana.