„The picture of Dorian Grey“, a Dance by Falkner Discher

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Our dear acquaintance and collaborator Falkner Discher (USA), after the Victor Frankl Dance and the great text Inspiration in a Therapeutic Model, shares something new with us.

And beautiful: Choreography “The Picture of Dorian Gray“.

No need for more words, watch the video and enjoy.

More information about Falkner can be found here:




Photo: Private gallery

Sladjana Milosevic
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Logocoaching – coaching by applying basic principles of logotherapy.

Coaching – Sir John Whitmore defines coaching as: “Unlocking person’s potential to maximize their own performance” (Source: Whitmore, J. (2002). Coaching for Performance, Third Edition: Growing People, Performance, and Purpose).

Coaching is not a therapy in any sense!

Logotherapy – Logotherapy provides answers to questions about the meaning of existence. As a psychotherapeutic approach, it brings into psychotherapy the knowledge that in addition to the physical and mental dimension, a person also has a third, spiritual dimension. In Logotherapy, the focus in on the future, on tasks and meaning.

You can find more about Logotherapy from: Viktor Frankl Institute, Vienna/Austria.

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