Yoga as a gift of civilization – Branislav Grujin – Interview

personSuzana Vujović
history7 minutes reading
Branislav Grujin (64) from Zrenjanin, is the first professor of physical education in the subject of yoga, who is engaged in the system of primary school education. By nature, someone who does not like to be exposed and does not like to brag about the epithets of a yoga teacher, which he considers to be given lightly today, says that…
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Opusti se meditacijom

Relax with meditation

personSlađana Milošević
history3 minutes reading
This blog is about how to relax and meditate outside of our dance workshops. Most of us spend our working hours in a sitting position. So, here are some short suggestions on how to relax, meditate and get some exercise during working hours. BREATHING EXERCISES 4-7-8 breathing technique is a way of breathing developed by dr. Andrew Weil. It is…
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