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Earlier in the article on this blog “Why movement is so important to us“, I wrote that the Russian mystic Gurdjieff said that there had been knowledge in movements that had been passed from generation to generation, that movements can represent a cosmic truth that the observer can understand. These movements can lead to another level of understanding of ourselves and the world around us.

Carlos Castaneda claimed similarly, and you can read more about that in his book “Magical Movements (The Wisdom of the Shamans of Ancient Mexico in Practice)”.

In that book, Castaneda says: “Don Juan speculated that the movements that the bodies of these shamans unintentionally performed in a state of heightened consciousness were in fact a kind of hidden heritage of humanity, something that was preserved and revealed only to those who were looking for it. He described these shamans as divers who, unknowingly, surfaced that legacy. He said that these wizards began to carefully connect the movements they remembered. Their effort paid off. They were able to connect movements that were previously considered automatic reactions of the body in a state of heightened consciousness. Encouraged by such success, they then connected hundreds of movements that they performed without ever trying to classify them into some understandable composition. They believed that in a state of heightened consciousness, these movements occur spontaneously and that some force controls their effect without the interference of their will. ”

Don Juan explained that we all have “belonging” energy, which we cannot change. Since we cannot increase our associated energy, the only possibility open to the wizards of ancient Mexico was conversion of that energy. For them, the conversion process began with magical movements and their effect on the physical body.

Stress accumulates in our bodies, which then “closes” and “blocks” the energy body we have around us. The only way to get rid of that stress and relieve, “cleanse” and “open” the energy field is by performing movements.

I immediately went to YouTube to see if there were any recordings of magic movements being performed. I found a warning that it is not thai-chi, or anything like that, it is not an exercise, those are: magical movements!

What I saw reminded me of thai-chi, then the movements during skiing, and of course it reminded me a lot of the elements of different dances.

And as we know, we who are not shamans 😉, all these movements really make us feel much better. Ask people who ski, everyone enjoys it! Why do our energy increase, we feel better, relieved of stress and somehow free…

Movements… Magic…

Dance and enjoy your Healing Dance World!

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