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If you like science news you most probably have heard of dr Sabine Hossenfelder.

I follow regularly her Youtube channel, with interesting news from the world of physics and science in general. Science news from Oct 12th 2022 you can watch here; this is when I heard for the first time about renewable energy from dancing!

While searching for SWG3 company dr Hossenfelder mentioned in the her video and presents it as the first one to use dance as renewable source of energy, I found news on this web site.

Glasgow venue SWG3 has begun generating its own renewable energy from the body heat on its dancefloor.

According to the owners, this system, known as Bodyheat, will allow them to completely disconnect the venue’s gas boilers, cutting about 70 tonnes of CO2 emissions a year. The Bodyheat system took three years to install, at a cost of £600,000. The project was supported by the Scottish government and largely subsidised through a series of grants. However, the savings on energy bills will make the investment recoverable in about five years, depending on costs (Source: Glasgow venue starts generating power from fans dancing (

The system was designed by geothermal energy consultancy TownRock Energy.

Here you can listen to 6 minutes interview with Andrew Fleming-Brown, Managing Director of the arts venue SWG3 to learn more about the project and how system actually works.

According to this web site, one night out dancing is enough for watching 125 days of TV and do 75 loads of laundry!

Upon further search, I find that this is not a novelty as presented by Dr. Hossenfelder in her video; namely, there is an example of smart tiles of the British company Pavegen, which ten years ago designed a floor covering that converts the kinetic energy generated by walking into electrical energy. Energy can be generated from footsteps as people walk on them. (Source: Drveni podovi koji generišu električnu energiju – They are used on dance floors, on football stadiums and athletic halls, but also in some big cities like London and Washington.


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